Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

As the technology giant of Turkey in durable consumer goods sector, we carry out our activities with a mission of making the “highest quality” accessible to our customers and being a leader in the sector we operate in.

We aim at being the most powerful production and technology group of the world in our sector and achieving a sustainable and controlled development by focusing on producing high quality consumer products.

We continuously invest on research and development to strengthen our outstanding position in the market. In this regard, we will carry our current determination to the future.

Europe is still the main target market for us. For this reason, we aim at keeping on monitoring the new trends in the said market to meet the same and to add new products to our already existing portfolio.

While extending not only our own but also Turkey’s export map through our successful export operations, we expect our sales in Middle East, South America, Australia and North America to make a significant contribution to our growth target. On the other hand, all our activities in the local market keep on having major role. 

We aim at increasing our share in the global market consistently through our high production quality, innovative products and rising brand equity. We also aim at extending the share of our “A” brand products. In the upcoming period, we will keep on giving importance to ODM related services.

Research and Development

Research and Development

Vestel, one of the first companies whose R&D department is accredited as "R&D Center" within the scope of the law 5764 by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, has been using its competent technical infrastructure very successfully in turning knowledge into technology and technology into product. With more than 900 R&D engineers that have adopted the innovation-oriented philosophy of the company in line with the internal dynamics and with the latest technology equipment and systems, Vestel realizes investments with its local and international partners and sets a model for sustainable development.

Vestel is also one of the most important manufacturing companies for consumer electronic goods in Europe with its extensive R&D know-how and great potential for innovative projects Vestel’s R&D initiatives go hand in hand with European Union's Lisbon Strategy of becoming the "most dynamic competitive knowledge-based economy in the world" and Vestel contributes to that ideal with high value-added R&D projects.

Vestel is a member of consortium for several international R&D projects and continuously strive for taking part in numerous programs and initiatives such as the Horizon 2020, the Seventh Framework Program (FP7) and EUREKA clusters.

Turkey participated as a charter member to Eureka program in 1985. Today, Turkey (Tübitak) is the 4th successful country in Eureka program. During these years, Vestel has involved in 22 international projects. Due to its success, Vestel has been declared as the most successful Turkish large company in 2012 at Tübitak Eureka Chairmanship Conference.

Ongoing International R&D Projects are listed below;

H2B2VS aims at investigating the hybrid distribution of TV programs and services over heterogeneous networks: Broadcast and Broadband networks, using the future video compression standard: HEVC. http://h2b2vs.epfl.ch/APPSGATE aims at developing an open platform to provide integrated home applications to the consumer mass market. www.appsgate-catrene.orgE3 aims to design an E2E platform able to allow everybody (provide low cost high quality video conference & e-health services reusing in-home infrastructures) to access to e-health services everywhere (both rural & urban areas, both Patients & Professionals) http://celticplus.eu/Projects/Project-info/PI-call_2013.aspCONVINCE will address the challenge of reducing the power consumption in IP-based video networks with an end-to-end approach, from the Head End where contents are encoded and streamed to the terminals where they are consumed, embracing of course the CDN and the core and access networks. http://celticplus.eu/MOOC TAB aims at creating a tablet based platform dedicated to the lifelong learning (primary, secondary, higher, and continuous) using an on-demand MOOC platform. https://itea3.org/project/mooc-tab.htmlSMC EXCEL strives to develop, evaluate and pilot a system innovation enhancing the ecological sustainability in the field of consumer electronics (CE), focusing on television sets (TVs). http://www.mckn.eu/projects/smc-excel/
Subsidiary Companies

Subsidiary Companies

Zorlu Group

Zorlu Group

The foundations of this success story were laid in the 1950s in the little town of Babadağ in southwestern Turkey. Zorlu Holding, having a special importance in the Turkish economy through its production, export and employment figures and its ability to compete in international markets, continues its journey with world standard products-services and with a target of sustainable success.

With its entrepreneurial and innovative structure, advanced facilities that move the Turkish industry forward and non-stop local and international investments, Zorlu Holding is one of the most powerful companies contributing to the improvement of the Turkish industry.

Zorlu Group, having a constant renewal and adding value to the society with its successful and pioneer activities in all the fields the company operates in since its establishment, puts into practice various exemplarily projects in textile, white goods, information technologies, energy and lastly in real estate fields.

Today, with 57 companies and approximately 23 thousand employees, Zorlu Holding is working for the future of Turkey and the quality of life of the Turkish people.

Vestel Group of Companies composed of 24 companies operating in electronics, household appliances mobile technologies, LED Ligthing, defense -12 located in Turkey and 12 abroad- proves the powerful presence of Zorlu Holding in electronics and household appliances.

Electronic Products, White Goods and Information Technology

Vestel Group of Companies composed of 24 companies operating in electronics, white goods and information technologies -12 located in Turkey and 12 abroad- proves the powerful presence of Zorlu Holding in electronic and white goods.


With a total of 16 companies, 12 of which located in Turkey and 5 located abroad. Zorlu Energy Group is one of the powerful companies of the Turkish energy sector. The Group, realizing all the phases of energy production from preparing the projects of the plants and installation to operating and maintaining the same, offers its “turn key” services not only Turkey but also in Europe, Asia and Middle East.

Home Textile, Polyester Yarn

Zorlu Textile Group's principal business activities consist of the production and marketing of yarns and home textile products (curtains, bed sheets, tablecloths, quilt covers, pique sets). Last year, Zorlu Group gathered all its textile activities under a single title which is Zorluteks Textile. The total number of factories and marketing companies of Zorlu Textile located in Turkey, France, Germany, South Africa, United Kingdom, Macedonia and the United States of America, growing beyond the borders of Turkey, has reached 18.

Real Estate

Zorlu Property aims at developing, on valuable lands both in Turkey and abroad, unique projects meeting expectations at world-class standards. Zorlu Center Project, which has been carried out on the land of the General Directorate of Highways as one of the most important projects of Zorlu Property, aims at bringing a new and different impulse to İstanbul. The project will be the Turkey's first and only "mixed use" project with 5 functions including culture and art center, hotel, business center, shopping center and residences. Zorlu Property has also projects rigorously c onducted at Büyükdere Street, İstanbul and Çankaya, İzmir.


The biggest manufacturer of polyester yarns in Europe and the Middle East

Zorlu Textile

Zorluteks Textile is a leading home textile manufacturer with curtain and home textile manufacturing facilities, marketing company and worldwide known brands

Linens Marketing

The first "Turkish brand" in the comprehensive home textiles chain store segment.

Zorlu Dış Ticaret

Founded in 1998, Zorlu Dış Ticaret AŞ (Zorlu Foreign Trade Inc) is responsible for coordinating all the foreign trade business operations of Zorlu Textiles Group. Structured into Yarns, Curtains, and Sheet/Quilt Cover units, the Company also undertook the management of the Group’s trademark and licensed products in 2004.

Zorlu Mensucat

Zorlu Mensucat is the cornerstone of the Zorlu Group. It was founded in 1953 in Denizli-Babadag by Mehmet Zorlu.

Quality Certificates

Quality Certificates

In 1993, the Turkish Standard Institute granted Vestel Ticaret A.Ş. a certificate on ISO 9001 quality standard which brings a significant competitive advantage to the industrial establishments having export operations. By this standard, the aim of Vestel is to:

create a common quality language and environmental awareness and establish working principles in line with the same.

provide the employees, customers and suppliers of Vestel a reference document on its management system

create management systems that will ensure a development in line with the policies, principles and aims of Vestel Group of Companies

By applying a management system based on ISO 9001 that disciplines all processes related to customer demand analysis, market investigation, design, production, after-sale services and their sub-processes, Vestel aims at maximizing customer satisfaction.

Vestel, which is a company having the ability to compete in the world market, has had his standards certified and has been increasing its effort to become a good player in the world league with its employees, customers, dealers and suppliers.

As ISO 14001 system, ISO 9001 system is also based on the principle of voluntariness and plays an important role in transition to Total Quality Management process. Seeing total quality management as an important element in increasing the quality of life, Vestel is proud of its contribution to the national economy and the quality of life of its customers.

Vestel Ticaret A.Ş., based on its target to become a worldwide company in Consumer Electronics Sector, carries out environmental review activities in all its operations and production lines. Vestel is committed to respecting health and safety of its employees, customers and the public affected by its activities, products and services and protect the environment and nature for next generations.

The said commitment has been documented through ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate awarded by the Turkish Standards Institute. Under the light of its environmental policy, Vestel has committed itself to ensuring continuous improvement in terms the environment, preventing pollution, and abiding by related regulations and administrative arrangements, along with:

Taking environmental factors into account when evaluating new products, projects and operations,

Decreasing hazardous materials during product design and manufacturing phases and searching for less polluting materials in accordance with the concerned European Union Directives (RoHS, Reach, etc…) and local regulations.

Conducting studies to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover wastes

Helping to save energy, water and natural resources by increasing efficiency and using new technologies

Using recycled packaging material when appropriate

 Working on arranging activities for creating environmental awareness and allocating sufficient and adequate resources for the same.

With its environmental policy, Vestel aims at an attitude where it protects and increases the quality of life of its employees and customers.

Along with ISO 9001 and 14001, Vestel holds OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Certificate and is aware that a positive approach to health and safety in the concept of total quality is essential for an effective and efficient management. For this reason, it attaches a great importance to evaluating and managing potential effects of on-site risks on the employees, subcontractors, visitors and other personnel at the site. The aim is to be protected against dangerous or harmful situations that may arise during the activities of Vestel and to create a healthier environment. Occupational health is an essential priority and indispensable part of the job for all our employees. Within this scope, the aim is to prevent or minimize accidents and fire risks associated in all the works carried out by Vestel, to create a safe environment at all the facilities of Vestel and to have an occupational health and safety system at world-class standard by increasing awareness.

Accordingly, Vestel:

meets legal liabilities and abides by administrative provisions and rules of the institutions where the company is a member and ensures continuous improvement by reflecting new technologies and employee recommendations to the applications

performs occupational health and safety risk analysis and prepares and applies plans to prevent possible occupational accidents and occupational diseases

builds an awareness on the fact that any personnel, regardless of his/her level, is responsible from OHS and trains its employees continuously to enhance adequate behavior in terms of potential health and safety risks

eliminates or at least minimizes unsafe conditions or activities at workplaces in order to prevent or reduce occupational accidents, reviews work conditions frequently and takes measures in failing issues, provides sufficient resource for such measures and reviews the policy in light of changing conditions and creates work principles accordingly

has adopted the principle that the job should be appropriate for the employee and the employee should be appropriate for the job to prevent or minimize accidents.

Vestel is increasing the fire safety and occupational health and safety performance of its facilities by ensuring an effective communication, information sharing and commitment to the policy.

Vestel Group

Vestel Group

Vestel Group is comprised of 24 companies operating in manufacturing, software and technology development, marketing, and distribution fields in the consumer electronics, household appliances, mobile technologies, LED lighting, and defense industries

Vestel was founded and started operation in 1984. The company joined the Zorlu Group in 1994, and since then it has continuously been increasing its production capacity, export activity, and market share.

Vestel received over 66 awards at the most prestigious design contests globally in 2014

Vestel accounts for 90% of the total TV and 30% of the white goods exports in Turkey

Four out of five LCD televisions produced in Turkey have been produced by Vestel

Vestel exports its products to 149 countries under the leading Japanese and European brands

Vestel received 92 awards at the most prestigious design contests globally in 2012.Vestel accounts for 85% of the total TV and 29% of the white goods exports in Turkey.Four out of five LCD televisions produced in Turkey have been produced by Vestel.Vestel exports its products to 140 countries under the leading Japanese and European brands.Vestel has been the export leader for 17 years in the Turkish electronics sector and among the 10 well-known and esteemed brands in Turkey.Having 15 thousand employees, 1.250 Vestel sales stores, 333 after sales centres and thousands of employees working at Vestel suppliers, Vestel creates an income source for 30 thousand people.R&D facilities located in Manisa, Istanbul, The UK , China, and Taiwan employ the highest calibre engineers developing hardware and software solutions to provide clients with world class quality products.Vestel City in Manisa-Turkey is one of the biggest industrial complexes in the world operating on a single field , and Vestel is able to produce more than 35 million electronic products in our production facilities in Manisa-Turkey and in Alexandrov-Russia.With an unlimited budget allocated for R&D activities and a team of more than 900 R&D engineers, Vestel is proud to offer new technologies and innovative products.Through solid steps taken towards branding, Vestel became the first brand to be accepted to the government support program named “Turquality” aiming to promote branding.Vestel is among the largest OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) and ODMs (original design manufacturer) of the world. Sales are carried out on OEM/ODM basis in Europe. In Turkey and Russia, CIS countries, the Middle East and North Africa, Vestel’s strategy is to maintain an own-brand presence.In 2006, Vestel acquired the rights to the Finlux and Luxor trademarks, two well-known brands in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, and started manufacturing and exporting under both names. In 2008, Vestfost, one of the most prestigious white goods brands in Europe and Russia, was added to the trademark portfolio.Following up the Graetz trademark, which is well-known in Germany, Vestel also signed a licencing agreement for the Telefunken & Hitachi trademarks to produce and sell products in a variety of countries.In 2011, Vestel acquired Electra, Servis, New Pol and Atlantic brands for the sales of white goods products/li>Dikom and @Dikom are the newest trademarks Vestel acquired beginning of 2013/li>By producing world-class quality products, Vestel was listed among the "Top 250 Consumer Products Companies list" in Deloitte's "Global Powers of The Consumer Products Industry 2011" report.As a player having long term, strategic plans that extend into the future, we draw attention with our determination in becoming a player that will shape the market not only in our country but also in the global arena.
Awards and Achievements

Awards and Achievements

Through new achievements obtained and awards won each year, Vestel, which is one of the strongest players in electronics, white goods and information technologies both in Turkey and in international markets, strengthens its position and proves that it will be one of the world’s largest companies in the future.

Achievements and awards acquired as a result of the evaluations carried out by various audit and research companies, programs, institutes, media and occupational organizations located in Turkey and abroad prove the importance given by us to R&D, design, innovation, quality, brand equity, quickness and growth.

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Extra 2

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Extra 3

Extra 3

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Extra 4

Extra 5

Extra 5

2018 Awards

    • Most Innovative Brand Award

      Consumer Electronics Category

    • Plus X Award for High Quality, Design, Ease of Use and Functionality

      NINA TV

      Add'on Wallpaper TV

      Glass'on Wallpaper TV

    • Plus X Award for High Quality, Design and Ease of Use

      Venus V5 5.0"

    • Plus X Award for Design and Ease of Use

      RCA 49140

    • Plus X Award for Design

      DVB 3015

    • Plus X Award for High Quality, Design, Ease of Use and Functionality
    • REDDOT Design Award

      BORDERLESS TV 65560

      Era RC43135

    • DIA Special Award

      Vestel Envo Electric Vehicle Charger

    • Superior Design Award

      VacuumBag Frenchdoor Refrigerator

      Combi Refrigerator with Voice Control and Pure Air Fresh Tech

    • Good Design Award

      VENUS Z30 Smart Phone

      VENUS V6 Smart Phone

      Hot Air Shield Built-In Oven

      Intellicare Washing Machine

      Brilliart Dishwasher

    • Good Design Award

      Nina TV

      65560 Borderless TV

      RC 43140

      RC 43135 FAMILY

      GlassON OLED Wallpaper Box TV

      VacuumBag Frenchdoor Refrigerator

      Hot Air Shield Built-In Oven

      Intellicare Washing Machine

      T20 Hydroboost Washing Machine

      Brilliart Dishwasher

      A Serie Dishwasher

2017 Awards

    • Plus X Award for High Quality, Design, Ease of Use and Functionality

      VENUS Z10 Smart Phone, High Glass TV Stand

    • Plus X Award for High Quality, Design and Functionality

      Space Age Settop box Rolls Set Top Box

    • Plus X Award for Innovation, Hight Quality and Design


    • Best Product of The Year

      Vega Settop box Rolls Settop box High Glass TV Stand
      Vestel 98” 8K UHD TV 55” Curved OLED TV

    • Best Design Brand of the Year 2016-2017

      in Telecommunication Product Group

    • Most Innovative Brand of The Year 2017

      in Telecommunication Product Group

    • REDDOT Design Award

      Envo Electric Vehicle Charger

    • Design Award

      Magma Glass Grill

      VFLEX Induction Hob

    • Good Design Award

      VFLEX Induction Hob

      FLORA Air Conditioner

      JASMINE Dishwasher