B Series

Eco-Logic System (Half Load)

When the machine is half-loaded with laundry, energy consumption is automatically decreased upto 50%. Besides, water consumption and program duration are dramatically decreased, since the machine can detect whether it is halfloaded or not. All the models include this feature.


Many points, forms are redesignedand strengthened to increase the rigidity. Decreased vibration level andincreased stability.

Overflow Protection

Overflow protection system detects potential problems with water supply, which may result in overflowing. If a problem is detected, drain pump is automatically turned on.

Child Lock

Child Lock prevents unauthorized changes on the control panel settings while the machine is in operation.

Failure Detection System

The user can easily detect a failure on the washing machine with the help of blinking error signals on the control panel buttons.

Unbalance Control System

In case of unevenly distributed laundry, unbalance control system redistributes the load inside the drum and adjust the spin speed to achieve optimum spinning efficiency.